Alternatives to popular Google Services

Alternatives to popular Google Services

Skeptical on what Google is really up to you with your data? Don't worry, you are not alone. Not only is there an inherent risk of relying on one company to serve all of your data and online services, Google's data collection is overly invasive. It is important to keep as little of your personal and vital information on the internet behind multiple secure services.

This significantly reduces the risk of one security breach granting access to all of your personal information. Take control of your data and information with these Google alternatives.

Google Search -> DuckDuckGo (Free Alternative)

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DuckDuckGo is a free Privacy Centered alternative to Google Search that doesn't skimp on features. It is an extremely powerful and great contender to Google Search. The best part? It doesn't track your searches and provides you with tips on improving your internet privacy and security.

Google Maps -> OpenStreetMap (Free Alternative)

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OpenStreetMap is a fantastic free and privacy focused alternative to Google Maps. It is contributed to by thousands of people across the globe and does not require a GPS to use.

Google Chrome -> Mozilla Firefox (Free Alternative)

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Firefox has taken a giant leap into security and has been improving their Web Browser to include amazing privacy features. They offer an in-built password manager called Lockwise, a security breach notification service called Monitor, and a service called Send which allows you to securely send files over the internet.

Firefox also includes a built-in tracker blocker and is completely open source.

Gmail Calendar & Contacts -> Self-Hosted Email

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Self-Hosted Email is the only way to securely lock down your email service and prevent prying eyes from looking in.

There are plenty of great tutorials and easy-to-setup self-hosted email alternatives. The easiest solution by far is launching a Plesk Instance through Vultr and setting up your emails under your own domain there. If you are super pedantic, you can self-host Plesk from your own home server (article coming soon).

Google Drive -> NextCloud

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NextCloud is a fantastic self-hostable option for storing files securely over the internet. Plesk also has built in support for NextCloud and can get you setup and running within minutes.

Android -> Fairphone Open

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Android is the biggest information funnel around and is constantly sending data to Google including things like your location, search history, purchasing habits, browsing habits and more.

Unfortunately, this type of data collection occurs across every mobile device and can occur on an app-by-app basis. The only real way to prevent this data from leaving your phone is to either not use a smart phone, or install a custom anti-Google oriented OS such as Fairphone Open.

These are some easy to implement alternatives to popular Google Services. Don't let Google become a monopoly over your technical life.

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