2018 Road Trip - DC to LA

2018 Road Trip - DC to LA

In 2018, I had one of the greatest opportunities in my lifetime. I left my comfort zone and flew to Virginia, United States to work on a Summer Camp called Camp Highroad. My word... What a flight. Trust me, 18 hours on two separate planes is not fun... That definitely did not detract from the experience - not one bit! There are simply not enough words to describe how awesome an experience this journey was. For my faith and for my life.

Not only did I get to demonstrate and lead young guys and girls into a relationship with God, I got to experience America's culture on a longer term scale and share my life with a bunch of strangers for 3 months.

After I had finished with Camp Highroad, I still had some time left over before I had to leave the country. My other Aussie mate Jaydan and I organised with a couple of friends we made on camp to do a road trip from Washington DC to LA in under a week. Here's some of the photos from our trip, enjoy!

Unfortunately, we didn't get a whole heap of time to spend in each location. If I were to do it again, I would definitely give myself 2 weeks or more to truly experience everything each location has to offer!

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